In 2007 The Room Skateshop came to life.After five years pushing the local skate scene of Sevilla, Family First naturally sprang up in 2012.
It is the icing on the cake, so much passion and dedication. Its the mix of design, art, rap, icatjazz, illustrated novels, Henry Mancini, skating weekends, miniDV tapes and much time in a skateshop hit by the economic crisis.
For the skate team we took our friends onboard: the ones standing by, the ones we were skating together with.
In the DIY era, we have no choice but to develop our own apparel: screen printing, sewing, designing, recording… everything we can do by ourselves because we are broken.
We’re here and have come to fight and stay. We have no fame and we will not sell our reputation but, to these days, we do what we like and that, with this life so hard, must be protected and put ahead of everything, like Family.